Corset Glossary

Corset Glossary

If you're a first time corset buyer or you're looking to build up your collection, we thought a quick glossary might come in handy. Here are some of the most popular pieces of jargon you might hear when talking about corsetry:


Hip Gores. Essentially these are darts sew into the hip region of the pattern. A Hip Gore creates a larger hip measurement than the waist of the corset and is essential for the corset to fit snuggly over the hip bones whilst worn tightly around the waist.

Hip Panels. A hip panel has the same functionality as the Hip Gore in that it allows the pattern to fit more comfortably between the waist and the hip. A Hip Panel in a semi-circular piece of fabric which also creates a little padding over the hip. Hip panels add a contour to this area of a corset which results in a more profound hip/waist curve. A corset with hip panels is slightly harder to conceal under clothing however.

Modesty panel. A panel behind the criss cross lacing at the back of your corset. As the name suggests this covers your modesty, however you can easily fold the panel underneath the corset if you would prefer your bank to be exposed through the lacing.

Overbust. Overbust corsets support, shape, and lift the bust. They can be worn with a top or on their own. There are a truly huge variety of overbust models on offer and you can find them throughout the site, from Corset Tops to Steampunk all the way through to our bridal ranges.

Underbust. An underbust corset is a pattern that will sit beneath your bust. These corsets allow more flexibility if being worn for long periods of time and are often worn on the outside of outfits as accessories. An underbust corset is often the focal point of a lingerie ensemble.

Steel Bones. In order to really pull in the waist, offer support to the bust and be as comfortable and durable as possible a corset with steel boning is ideal. Spiral steel bones are the No.1 choice for corsetry as can mould to the body without resistance.

Suspender loops. If you want to wear old-style stockings with your corset, suspender loops can be really handy. They'll let you attach stockings to the corset with the minimum of fuss.

Sweetheart bust. A corset top with a sweetheart bust will give you that show-stopping, plunging cleavage every woman should enjoy at least once. It's the classic love heart shaped front, covering your breasts but emphasising their delightfully rounded shape. The alternative is a straight-cut neckline.  

Waist Training. Some corsets are designed to gentle reshape, some are designed to be outwear, but there are corsets which have been designed to teach your waist who is boss. If you want a serious corset for more radical reshaping, look for a waist training corset. Ours are some of the very best on the market. Waist Training does work, but it is a form of body modification so we always recommend that you get advice from a Medical Expert before beginning.