The Full Coverage Corset Style Guide

The Full Coverage Corset Style Guide

Corsets don’t have to be skimpy or revealing, they can be sultry while providing more coverage. Read on to discover the full coverage corset style guide...

Corsets traditionally were not about exposing lots of skin, instead they were designed to provide support, while achieving that perfect hourglass figure. Today corsets come in all shapes and sizes. With so many styles to choose from there is a corset to suit all tastes, including those that love the benefits that corsets offer, while also preferring to wear styles that offer a little more coverage.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of corsets that provide greater coverage, while still being as stylish and desirable as our other collections. In addition, we have some great style tips to show you how you can wear beautiful corsets, without feeling too exposed…

Full Coverage Corsets…

Each and every one of us have different levels of comfort when it comes to how much skin we expose. For some baring our arms or chest wouldn’t require a second thought, whereas for others this can leave us feeling exposed or uncomfortable. It’s all about feeling confident in your own skin, setting your own boundaries and following what feels best for you as an individual.

Just because you’d prefer not to expose your arms or chest, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t benefit from being able to wear a corset though. Here are a few corset styles that you could consider, if you want a full coverage corset:

Black Sequin Overbust Sleeved Corset Top

Ideal for date night or cocktails with the girls, our Black Sequin Overbust Sleeved Corset Top provides just the right amount of coverage, while maintaining a sexy and sultry edge. This style essentially combines a pretty and stylish blouse, with a full support corset.

Working just like any other corset would, this style will pull you in at the waist to create a beautiful silhouette. The semi-sheer material on the sleeves and bust will provide the coverage that you need, while also creating a sultry finish. The addition of the vintage style necktie and gathered sleeves add a romantic touch, softening the look slightly.

Floral Embroidered White Corset Top

With pretty white lace and ruffle neck detail, the Floral Embroidered White Corset Top perfectly balances classic and sexy style. Ideal for both workwear and eveningwear, this stylish corset top is part our our Instant Shape range providing a waistline reduction of up to two inches.

Style with a pair of leather look trousers for an evening out, or with simple black tailored trousers for work. Ideal for both the winter and summer months, during the colder weather, team with a longline blazer for a smart look, or a boyfriend fit cardigan for more casual occasions.

Off the Shoulder Emerald Green Corset Top

Create that all important wow factor, with the Off the Shoulder Emerald Green Corset Top. This statement piece provides additional coverage with the stunning one shoulder ruffle, while also pulling in the waist to create a two inch reduction. In a striking emerald green shade, this is the ideal style to pull out of your wardrobe for special occasions when you want to make a lasting impression. Team with a midi pencil skirt, simple court heels and a clutch and you’ve got yourself a standout style.

Corset Styling for Greater Coverage…

In addition to our full coverage corsets, there are a variety of other styles that you could consider. The way in which you want to wear your corset shouldn’t limit your choice. With so many styles to choose from, it’s likely you will be drawn to a number of styles that don’t offer greater coverage of the bust or arms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear these styles as well as feeling comfortable and confident.

Consider styling an overbust corset with a blouse underneath, for a stylish look that covers your arms and chest. Our Black Pleat Polka Dot Blouse with Wide Sleeves is a popular choice. Perfectly cut for wearing under a corset, we recommend teaming it with the Astronomy Black Overbust Cotton Corset, although you could wear the blouse with any corset of your choice.

A blouse isn’t the only solution to creating greater coverage when wearing a corset. In addition, you could also consider styling a corset of your choice with a cropped cardigan, cape, shrug, bolero or even a short jacket. Sometimes a little layering is all you need to feel confident and comfortable with your style, and layers make all corset styles accessible to everyone.

As you can see, it’s possible to create a sultry and stylish look wearing a full coverage corset, or by styling a corset to provide the layers you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. For further advice or if you need any assistance finding your perfect size or style, don’t hesitate to get in touch: